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Boost Your Immune System to Fight COVID-19

August 15, 2020

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Preventing COVID-19 with a healthy immune system. As the country faces the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all thinking about ways we can protect ourselves from the virus. Although wearing face masks and washing your hands are important, there’s another factor to your wellness you should be utilizing – your immune system. As your body’s natural defense network, it’s your first level of protection to help fight coronavirus. How can you ensure your immune system is functioning its best? Here are 5 factors that contribute to a strong immune system.

COVID-19 and Your Immune System

Each day, we learn more about coronavirus, but a vaccine still isn’t available. Until one is, our immune systems will need to fight COVID-19. Your immune system is your body’s personal army to protect against internal and external threats. As we continue to combat the virus, it’s best to ensure your immune system has everything it needs to function its best. Simple changes can strengthen your body’s natural defense to help you stay healthy.

  1. Maintain a Balanced Diet

A healthy body begins with the foods you eat. It’s best to maintain a balanced diet that also contains many antioxidants and immune-boosting foods, like avocados, berries, and carrots. You will also want to add natural sources of vitamin C, like red peppers and oranges.

  • Get Moving

As we spend more time at home to stop the spread of the virus, it’s easy to sit around all day; however, you need to get up and get moving. Exercise is proven to give your mood a boost while also making your body stronger overall.

  • Get Some Rest

You should get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night to help your body reboot for the next day. While you sleep, your body releases cytokines, which is a protein that supports your immune system to fight off infections and viruses.

  • Decrease Your Stress

Stress releases hormones that can cause your immune system to function less than perfect. It’s best to take time each day to lower your stress levels, like practicing breathing exercises or yoga.

  • Consider Overall Wellness

There are several factors that contribute to the function of your immune systems, like certain medications, medical conditions, or lifestyle choices. It’s best to choose treatments and make lifestyle decisions that align with your overall wellness to help your body perform its best.

Nurture a Healthy Body

Dr. Connie Casad aligns her treatment plans to support each patient’s unique needs to reach ultimate wellness. She stays ahead of the learning curve to provide the latest and safest solution to promote human health. Dr. Casad can help you boost your immune system to keep COVID-19 at bay.

About Dr. Connie Casad

For over 30 years, Dr. Connie Casad has provided personalized solutions for each patient. She aligns her treatment plans with natural solutions to encourage optimal wellness through a healthy lifestyle. If you have concerns during the COVID-19 crisis, Dr. Casad can create a customized plan to help boost your immune system. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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