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Does Your Immune System Affect Your Mood?

May 4, 2021

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Woman’s mood influenced by her immune systemYour immune system is complex. It requires balance to distinguish between healthy and harmful cells to protect your body from pathogens. Hormones are essential to ensuring a healthy immune response because certain imbalances can lower your body’s defense system, making you prone to illnesses and infections. Did you know your immune system can also affect your mood? If you’re feeling less than your best, you might be a candidate for hormone therapy to give your immune system the boost it needs.


Create a Harmonious Balance with Bioidentical Hormones

November 9, 2018

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Throughout your life, there may come a time when you feel less than your best. You may experience unexplained sleeplessness, mood swings, hot flashes, or other symptoms. Although you have learned to live with the changes, you can restore your quality of life. Often, the issues you are having are due to hormonal imbalances. They occur naturally throughout life or due to external factors, like stress. No matter the cause, bioidentical hormones can help.