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Concierge Medicine

doctor speaking with patient Concierge Medicine is a dynamic and rapidly growing medical service that's designed to strengthen the bond between patient and physician. Doctors want more time with their patients, and patients covet that opportunity. Dr. Casad has always emphasized the importance of the doctor/patient relationship. The objective is to improve health and wellness, maximize time efficiencies, and to make your physician the person who knows you best after your family and closest friends. If it is your desire to optimize your health using wellness and prevention instead of pharmaceutical medications, Dr. Casad's Concierge service may be a timely choice for you.

For more than 30 years, Dr. Connie Casad has earned her reputation as a skilled and devoted gynecologist. Recognizing the difficult challenges created by the insurance-based model in medicine has led her to the decision to improve quality by managing quantity. The Concierge concept allows her to spend more time with patients to understand and know their individual needs. The result is unique treatment plans that help people get their lives back by improving health and wellness.

Concierge medical services provide:

Dr. Casad is at the forefront of medical professionals who are committed to leading and educating patients about health from a position of knowledge and strength instead of treating disease from a position of weakness. Whether you are looking for a personal physician for yourself or for your family, you will be confident in the quality of your health care as a member of Dr. Casad's Concierge practice. You will also feel better knowing that Dr. Casad is a key participant in your path to overall health and wellness.