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Gynecological Services for Dallas Women

Beginning in middle school, Dr. Casad knew that she wanted to channel her interest and skill in science into a profession where she could help people. It is no surprise to those that have known her for a long time that becoming an OB/GYN was the path she followed to reach her goal. Recognized by her peers as a skilled surgeon who has helped pioneer procedures that are minimally invasive and safer for patients, she has now transitioned her practice so that she oversees a trained medical staff that's focused on personal, natural, and technologically advanced care. They're also devoted to teaching health and wellness instead of just treating disease.

Real Personalized Care

Most people are too young to remember “house calls.” Once, it was the standard of personal care. Personalized care today is a fleeting concept. At Dr. Casad’s practice, personal care means knowing more about patients, understanding their lifestyles and challenges, valuing their thoughts and feelings, exploring their medical and family history, and focusing on their health care goals in the context of what will work to help them become a healthier and happier individual. A whole person approach encompasses your nutrition, fitness, current medications, and extraordinary stresses that may currently be a part of your daily life. Some people label this inclusive concept as Holistic; Dr. Casad just believes it is the way health care should have always been offered.

Skilled Gynecologist Devoted to Women's Health

Dr. Casad thrives in the internet age. Continuing her professional education and growth is a keystroke away and she is determined to remain abreast of important advancements in medical science. Currently, she is working on her certification with the Functional Institute of Medicine, one of the fastest growing medical organizations that leads in changing the way doctors learn and provide services devoted to patient health and wellness. She is also a longtime member of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, or ACOG. Certification by this board involves extensive initial preparation and testing, followed by regular follow-up refresher training and testing. Members of ACOG are known for exceptional patient care and the exact standards associated with continuing ethical service. As a member of the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons and the Texas and Dallas County Medical Societies, Dr. Casad remains current in the innovations and technologies affecting gynecologic services and procedures.

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Our practice doesn’t focus on “curing” or “removing” health care concerns. We focus on preventative and restorative care so our patients maintain their optimal level of health. Whether you are interested in an annual well woman exam or are in need of more advanced gynecologic care, our practice is here to help.