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 I just want to express how thankful I am for Dr. Casad. I have struggled for several years with some type of auto-immune issue, and no one was really able to explain my symptoms or do anything that really helped me feel better. I would have an episode and eventually, it would go away. I went to Dr. Casad while I was in the middle of an episode because my friend assured me that she would be able to help. I was so tired that just going to work wore me out. I did not have an appetite and was having problems thinking clearly. One of my children even asked if we were ever going to do anything fun again. With the help of Dr. Casad's support to continue following the Paleo diet and the vitamins and supplements that she gave me, I feel like a brand new person. I was able to lose a total of 65 pounds and have concluded that I have not felt this good in 15 years. My family and I are so thankful for everything that Dr. Casad has done.
- Jennie S.


Finding a new doctor when you have moved to a new city can be really hard, especially if you don't know someone to give you a good referral. I was really lucky when I found Dr. Casad's office through my health insurance physician register. Their staff is great, the office kept my appointment promptly, and they spent the amount of time with me that let me know they really understand how patients feel when they are too rushed to get all their questions answered. They offer so many needed services at one clinic! It is great to know that someone you really trust has the experience, medical knowledge, and staff to help patients in so many diverse and important ways. I will be recommending Dr. Casad to friends and co-workers when they ask me who my doctor is!
- Colleen Francis

As someone who had a hysterectomy when they were 38 years old, I know very well what it is like to struggle for a long time with hormone imbalance issues. I responded to an ad of Dr. Casad's after realizing I had 9 of the 10 symptoms that frequently go along with hormone problems. Frankly, I was skeptical at best that Dr. Casad could make a difference. I have had so little help from the medical profession over the years that I had become very discouraged and resigned to the fact that continuing to feel worse and worse was what I had to look forward to.  Two weeks after being evaluated by Dr. Casad and her team, I already noticed a real improvement. They helped me to understand there is so much more involved to health and wellness than just taking an estrogen pill. They wanted to know all about me and my whole lifestyle so that along with the physical history and lab results, they could design a customized approach just for me instead of a cookie cutter plan used for everyone. The most important thing Dr. Casad offered me was real hope. For the first time in a long while, I feel like I have a chance to get my life back, and I can't wait to feel good again!
- Lou Lewis


 I have known Dr. Casad ever since we were residents together at St. Paul Hospital. As a colleague, mentor, and friend, I cannot think of any physician more qualified to help people comprehensively address any challenging health issue they might experience. Over the past ten years, she has retrained herself through intensive seminar instruction and exhaustive self-education so that she is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced Dallas-area physicians, specializing in rapidly expanding new fields like Functional Medicine and Bio-identical hormones. I have been referring patients to her for years because I know from my own experience that they will receive the kind of medical care all patients need and deserve. I trust her dedication and professionalism in ways beyond what words can adequately express.
- Leigh Ann Scott, MD