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Gynecological Services for Dallas, TX

brunette woman smiling By selecting the right physician, you can add years to your life, feel beautiful inside and out, and experience the vitality you need to enjoy life every day. Dr. Connie Casad is uniquely qualified to sensitively guide patients with experience, insight, and common sense, helping them improve health and appearance issues. We offer an array of services to address several important needs. Our staff is attentive and ready to personally serve you in the following areas:

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Bioidentical Hormones

Hormonal balance is critical to optimal health and wellness. Whether related to menopause for women or low testosterone for men, proper hormone levels can improve sleep, sex drive, concentration and weight management. Let Dr. Casad’s expertise guide you.

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Aesthetic Services

Day and Beauty spas are trendy and often owned and staffed by individuals lacking real expertise in aesthetic procedures. Our trained and experienced specialists have been providing state of the art aesthetic services for more than 20 years that are proven, medically based, safe and effective.

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smart lipo™

Body image is at the core of how we feel. Looking better contributes to feeling better, and diet and exercise are often not enough. Smart Lipo™ is a minimally-invasive technique that reshapes thighs, hips, arms, chins and necks – each area often in a single visit.

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gynecological services

For many women, your gynecologist is your primary physician. We welcome this role and offer comprehensive care devoted to wellness, comfort and peace of mind. Regardless of your stage in life, your needs are respected and valued by our team of professionals.

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Concierge Medicine

Concierge Medicine is a rapidly growing concept in health care creating an environment where the doctor patient relationship is taken to a new level. If you are frustrated with the managed care approach, Concierge Medicine can eliminate those frustrations.

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