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Vein Therapy - Dallas, TX 

Treat Spider or Varicose Veins Today!

spider veins on leg Are you embarrassed by spider veins or varicose veins? You don’t need to live with their dark appearance. You can significantly reduce their visibility or make them disappear all together using vein therapy. Dr. Casad treats unsightly veins with sclerotherapy. She injects a special serum into a vein to damage it’s inner lining, which causes a clot to form, so its are reabsorbed into the body. You’ll enjoy a nonsurgical solution to achieve drastic results that last.

Sclerotherapy for the Treatment of Varicose Veins 

Sclerotherapy is the term used for the treatment of spider veins and smaller varicose veins, which are common cosmetic problems for women. While these unsightly vessels circulate blood, they are not essential to the system, so they can be safely and effectively treated. During sclerotherapy, a special solution is injected directly into the treated vein. When the solution comes in contact with the vein tissue, it creates swelling that restricts blood flow through the vessel. This allows the vein to collapse and shrink. Over several weeks, the veins diminish and are absorbed by the body.

After the Procedure 

Following sclerotherapy, there is only minimal discomfort and normal activities may be resumed immediately. Dr. Casad recommends you wear compression support stockings for 72 hours after the treatment and you avoid heavy pounding or weightlifting exercises for 48 hours. Several treatment sessions may be required to achieve desired results, and exceptionally large veins may not be responsive to sclerotherapy. Side effects are minimal and should be limited to slight bruising of the treatment area or some localized discoloration that could linger for a few weeks after the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions - Vein Therapy 

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Despite the benefits of sclerotherapy, it’s normal to have questions about the treatment. Dr. Casad takes the time to explain the process and ease your worries, so you feel confident about the procedure. In the meantime, here are the answers to a few of the most common questions to help determine if vein therapy is right for you.

Does sclerotherapy hurt?

A needle is injected into the skin to treat a vein. As a result, there will be some discomfort at the injection site. Depending on the chemicals used, you may experience slight pain, but it subsides quickly.

Is sclerotherapy an effective treatment for varicose veins and spider veins?

There have been several studies to evaluate the effectiveness of sclerotherapy to find the treatment has as high as an 80% success rate to significantly reduce or eliminate the appearance of spider or varicose veins.

On average, you can expect to see noticeable results in the appearance of the veins in 3 to 6 weeks; however, larger veins may require 3 to 4 months. In some cases, patients need multiple treatments to achieve the results they want.

Who is a good candidate for sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is often recommended for patients between the ages of 30 to 60 and have spider veins or small varicose veins in their legs. You cannot have had blood clotting issues in the past. It is also best you don’t have the treatment if you are pregnant or have given birth within the last 3 months.

Dr. Casad will perform a thorough consultation to determine if sclerotherapy is the right choice for you. Besides performing a physical examination, she’ll also discuss your medical history, and she may suggest an ultrasound.

How do people prepare for the sclerotherapy procedure?

Although you may want to shave your legs before the procedure, it’s recommended you skip it both before and after until you’ve healed. It’s also best to avoid applying lotion to the treatment area on the day of your treatment. Don’t apply it again until after the injection sites have healed.

Dr. Casad recommends you wear loose, comfortable fitting clothing to your appointment. Shorts are often best because your legs are exposed for the injections. On average, you can expect your appointment to take 1 hour or less.

If you’re ready to feel confident while wearing shorts again, it’s time to see if sclerotherapy is right for you. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment.