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Vein Therapy for Dallas, TX

Sclerotherapy is the term used for the treatment of spider veins and smaller varicose veins, which are common cosmetic problems for women. While these unsightly vessels circulate blood, they are not essential to the system and can be safely and effectively treated. During sclerotherapy, a special solution is injected directly into the treated vein. When the solution comes in contact with the vein tissue, it creates a swelling that restricts blood flow through the vessel. Restricted blood flow allows the vein to collapse and shrink. Over several weeks, the veins diminish and are absorbed by the body.

Following sclerotherapy, there is only minimal discomfort and normal activities may be resumed immediately. It is recommended that compression support stockings be worn for 72 hours after treatment and that heavy pounding or weight lifting exercise be curtailed for 48 hours. Several treatment sessions may be required to achieve desired results, and exceptionally large veins may not be responsive to sclerotherapy. Side effects are minimal and should be limited to slight bruising of the treatment area or some localized discoloration that could linger for a few weeks after the procedure.