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What is Hormone Therapy? – Dallas, TX

Choose a Natural Solution for Hormone Replacement

Hormones are chemicals in your body that flow throughout it. They are produced by glands in your endocrine system. As they flow through your bloodstream, they send messages to your tissues and organs to tell them what to do. Unfortunately, there may come a time when a hormonal imbalance occurs. This results when there is too much or too little of a specific hormone in your bloodstream. Although it may not seem like an immediate concern, it can cause several side effects that influence your quality of life. To restore a harmonious balance, you may need hormone therapy. Dr. Casad has the solution for you with bioidentical hormones.

What are the Symptoms of a Hormone Imbalance?

Your body secretes and circulates 50 different hormones. Each hormone works within your body to help regulate:

If any one of the hormones do not occur within your bloodstream at their proper level, it can lead to several symptoms, such as:

How Can Hormone Therapy Help Me?

man smilingTo restore adequate levels in your body, hormone therapy is often the answer. Traditionally, you are prescribed synthetic hormones. Although they are known to provide noticeable results, there are several disadvantages with their use. The hormones prescribed are created in a dental lab. They are not custom-made to meet your exact needs. Instead, they are fairly broad spectrum. Not to mention, the body can have difficulty adjusting to them because they are not made from naturally occurring substances.

As an alternative to traditional treatments, many patients prefer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Casad spends a significant amount of time evaluating your quality of life, family history, and health concerns to create a customized treatment plan using hormone replacement that caters to your needs.

Unlike traditional treatments, they are not derived from man-made substances. Instead, they use substances found in nature that closely align with what our body produces naturally. Your body will accept them and use to restore your quality of life.

Dr. Casad will find the ideal composition of hormones that address your specific concerns for a truly personalized treatment plan. Besides the use of the hormones, she also suggests changes in your daily life to help you look and feel your best, such as modifying your diet or increasing your exercise level.

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